The Dynamic Duo. Part One

There is a show coming up in August over in Tampa called Fanboy Expo that I will be attending. I was initially drawn to the show because Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward, were scheduled to appear. Unfortunately they had to cancel for health reasons. I know that is really going to cut into my sales as I was prepping a new picture to debut at that show. They have other guests now, but I doubtfully have enough time to do another poster in time for the event. We will see. I am not abandoning my Batman and Robin picture though. I am having way too much fun researching this and drawing these people. As my followers on Facebook can attest, I have been working regularly on it as I have been posting dribs and drabs of the progress. I am not forgetting all the people who read and follow the blog and am here to finally post some real pics of my work in progress rather than the odd iPhone snapshot of me working.


My first sketch. Actually did this while at a show.

Second sketch. Less refined oddly, but you can see the panels added to the design.

This guy is in the show.
He lives with Batman and always wore REALLY short pants!

Who doesn't love the moustache??

Still working on Mickey.


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