My Superman. Part Four

Read all about it in the Daily Planet!! Designing a whole page of type was not exactly my idea of fun but I found that not to be the case with this project. Designing and researching (maybe the other way around) the Daily Planet and all the bits for it was fun. Maybe because I only had to do it once. There have been MANY variations of the Planet logo itself so I pretty much went with an amalgam of the ones that I liked but then I went into research mode and found lots of stuff. The "Final" box in the upper left was taken from an old Daily News and the price of the paper is based on what papers generally cost back in 1978. "Vol.6, No. 1" is my way of counting Supermen. I figure Christopher Reeve is the sixth incarnation of the character. Correct me if I am wrong, but the way I counted was: The comic (comic strips would have been the same to me), the radio show, the Fleisher cartoons, the serials, the George Reeves TV show and the sixties cartoons would be one thru five. The "No.1" was citing the first Christopher Reeve movie. That all make sense?? Anyway that leads me to the date line. Obviously this is published in Metropolis and "Friday, December 15, 1978" is the date that Superman: The Movie had it's general public premiere. Falling helicopters line: I think anyone who has seen the movie gets this. If you have not seen the movie, why are you reading this blog post??? Got the lyrics to the song that Margot Kidder recites in the movie. I always liked the Maureen McGovern version myself. Had to have George in there and his famous narrated intro and of course, the lyrics to the REM (was it a cover?) song. And yes, Superman saved Hackensack!!!

Original file.

Newspaper aging added to it.


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