My Superman. Part Two

Work is moving along smoothly on my Superman picture. The inking stage is done and it is all ready for color. I also have to make the front page of the Daily Planet for the background element and I think that should be fun. I have received some interest in a more in depth explanation of how I do things so I am starting to think about that as well and the best way to present it. I don't really own a camera to put over my shoulder or have the software to record everything I do so I am stuck with the option of doing screen grabs and the hopes of enough written communication to go with it. I guess we will see.

As a side note, I want to share that the whole time I work on a picture, I am usually watching the inspiration. Now I only own the original Christopher Reeve movie so that didn't really last long enough. To fill out the time I have been watching the first two seasons of The Adventures in Superman. I am loving it!! I happen to like the original season the best. It's got more of an edge and not aimed at kids. Also, Lois Lane is played by Phyllis Coates. She only played the part for one season as she was unavailable when recording resumed three years later! That is when Noel Neil was brought back for the part as she played Lois in the serials several years earlier. Now I know that Noel Neil is beloved by Superman fans but she is not my favorite Lois. Ms. Coates is. Noel Neil's portrayal is the reason the character got stuck with the "world's worst reporter" tag. All she did was get herself in trouble and hope that Superman would save her, and to show how grateful she was, she spent the rest of the time trying to expose Superman's secret identity. Now I know that she didn't write or direct the show and maybe she should not be saddled with all the blame. Oh well.

the raw outline.

thick and thin lines made from the outlines.


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