Playing with watercolors

Playing?? More like failing!! I was never actually taught how to use watercolors so I am pretty much starting from a very low point to find a way that I like to work in this medium. I figured "if" I can actually pull this off with some success, I would be open to do some color commissions at shows and stuff. A ways off I think. I actually don't currently do any type of commission work but I think that part will change very soon but it will be pencil sketches and maybe inked with shading to start off. What do you think?? I am open to suggestions so don't be shy. Open to suggestions that don't involve me going out to buy a set of markers. Not gonna happen any time soon. I am not ready or even sure if I want to make that huge of a financial commitment. Plus, I have not worked in just over two months so my financial resources are limited.

But here are a few shots of my initial forays into sketching with some color.


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