Michonne. Part Three

Color got laid in and the inking and compositing of the zombies and Michonne are done to this point. I re-worked the color scheme from my earlier Photoshop comp as red just seemed to work much better for this and I liked the contrast better. The harshness of the black and white zombies felt over powering as well and I wanted to keep the focus on Michonne obviously. Thought this would help with that as well. All that is left now is the painting stage!

On a side note, today also marks the anniversary of my very first blog post six years ago!! I can't believe it has been that long. And from such humble beginnings. Don't believe me?? Check out the very first post yourself. It's right here. Things have certainly changed since then. No Facebook or shop but I was still supporting an actual web-site, was called "The Pinto Post",  etc., etc. Happy Birthday Blog!!!


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