Ultraman. Part One

Not too long ago, I was turned on to Ultraman (thanks Randy!). Now, I had heard of him before and even have a toy figure up on my shelf that a good friend brought back from Japan for me, but I had never seen it. I was told that it is so bad and cheesy that it's good. What can I say? I had to watch now! I looked to see what I could find on YouTube, because that's what you do these days, and I watched an episode. Of course I was hooked. But I had to know more as well. With a bit of research I found and read about the long history of the character and the monsters and all it's different incarnations. I, as I often tend to do, gravitated to the original version and I even found the complete first series on DVD for seven bucks!! My son likes watching it with me as well!

Now I don't really know why, but I started to draw little doodles in my sketchbook of Ultraman that I think was brought about by my doing the Power Rangers piece. I couldn't get it out of my head tho and when I brought one of the thumbnails into Photoshop, I knew I was going to have to finish the piece.

This is gonna be fun!!


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