Freddy Krueger. Part Two

Wait. One character and I am not showing his face?? Am I cheating or being clever??? I don't really know. I didn't think about it like that. I was just trying to "emulate" the suspense from the movie as you didn't get a clear view of Freddy right away. Something I think they should have followed in Disney's Beauty and the Beast as they showed the Beast too soon and that great shot of him stepping into the light so Belle could see him better is watered down as a result. THAT should have been our first clear view of the Beast!! Wow!! I digress in a big way. I didn't plan that either. Never thought a post about Freddy Krueger would find a Disney comparison when I sat down to type this. Maybe I should plan these things and make drafts and bullet points. Yeah right!! I laughed at that too.

Pencil drawing and inks. Enjoy!


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