Catching my breath between shows

I am starting to really like being able to have a table at a show and meet people and sell some prints but they can all run together after a while as well. So glad to have this past weekend off from a convention after having back to back weekends and staring down another next weekend. It will be my last one of the year and I honestly can't wait to fill my calendar for next year! I don't want to come off as too greedy but I need to pull in a few more bucks so I can start expanding out of the Orlando area more and at least break even if I have to do extensive travel and incur hotel costs as well. Anyway, I did manage to take a few pictures from the last two weekends (not enough if you ask me, I need to take more pics with people) and I wanted to share them with you all. The first show was my first horror convention and it actually turned out better than I had hoped. Horror is not really my thing beyond the classic Universal Monsters and Freddy Krueger but I had a good time and met lots of cool people.

This next batch is from Hurricane Who. It was my third year doing this show and I love it!!

I also got to hold ACTUAL props used in the show!!!

Wife just realized that she married Killroy.

Frazier Hines and Colin Baker!!

 Me and the 6th Doctor!!!!

My son Joe and Colin Baker!

From the 1996 TV movie, Daphne Ashbrook!!

I can't wait until next year!


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