Maisy Jane

Things have been going in quite the hectic pace recently in the Pinto household. Got plenty of freelance work (for which I am extremely grateful!) have had back to back to back shows that we have done really well at and have been fun, and of course we are in the midst of the holidays. Unfortunately, all of those things have just been a mild distraction of what I am experiencing even right now as I type this post. I am totally alone in the house during the day. I no longer hear the light tapping of paws on the floors and no longer get the occasional visit in my office and get to watch my girl rub her fur on the carpeting. Maisy Jane has died. She was a really good dog. Smart and quirky just like her master, my wife Mindy. Maisy was with Mindy already when I met her so they were a package deal but she accepted me and loved me as well and then Joseph when he was born. She lived a good life and a long one, just shy of 15 years. When she was young, and when we first moved into the house, she would run back and forth the length of the house from the front door all the way to the back door. Those days seem so long ago now. She slowed with age, as we all do, and in the end she was limping. The last time I took her out for a walk, I had to carry her home. She died next to Mindy where she slept and Mindy was resting her hands on her as she passed. I still walk into rooms expecting her to be there, to see her face in the window and I watch where I walk as to not step on her in the morning when I get up. I miss her. I used to say that I never wanted a dog, but I never understood that she was not just "a dog", she was part of my family. Sleep well Maisy Jane. You're a good girl!!

Of course over the  years, I have drawn Maisy several times. As a part of the family, she was part of our Christmas cards several times.


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