Don't Make Me Angry....

Who doesn't love The Hulk?? The rampaging monster with a heart of gold! Does he still have that? To be fair, I have not really read a Hulk comic in many years. My memories stem from the iconic run of the 1970's with those terrific Ernie Chan covers and the TV show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. I have seen the movies, and that does include The Avengers as that has the best film Hulk, in my humble opinion, to date. Would love to see another Hulk movie! As some of you know, my wife just went thru radiation treatment for breast cancer. To lighten the mood when we first visited the facility, I kept humming the old theme song and asked the doctors when I could expect to see the manifestation of any super-powers. Not all of them appreciated that.

So here is my Hulk. I did base much of my reference on the Avengers version but I did make some adjustments to bring him a bit closer to the original Kirby design. I spread out his eyes, increased his brow and upper lip and lifted his nose. Not huge adjustments but they made me happy.


Not going to bore you with the whole progression thing this time, but I will share the tight drawing for this.


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