The Dude Abides

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Big Lebowski. And from what I have encountered since it came out is either you love the film or you have not seen it. I am sure I am wrong and that people will jump now to point out that they not only saw the film but hated it. Sounds like your problem man and that type of aggression will not stand. I don't really know why I suddenly decided to paint The Dude but I wish I did since I really didn't plan any aspect of it. No studies. No composition. Nothing. Not usually a great way to work. Sure, you might let the muse just guide you on occasion and let "whatever" happen, but then I found myself in a situation of wanting to add things that I didn't leave room for. I went back and forth for days with whether I should add Walter and Donnie to the pic and even went so far as to actually draw and paint them and shoe-horn them into the piece. Was never really satisfied with what I came up with (read: lack of planning!) and I had several Facebook followers offer up opinions on the matter. The prevailing thought was to NOT add them in. So I did not. But this just means that I have unused parts that are just begging to be used in a separate illustration at some point in the future. Sounds fine to me. Not like I would hate to paint another Big Lebowski picture!!


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