Does Whatever a Spider Can!

Spider-Man has always been pretty much at the top of my superhero food chain. Maybe it was the fact that Peter Parker was basically a kid or maybe that he was very rooted in New York which was so close to home. I remember just about every weekend we would visit relatives across the bridge and I was always looking up to the tops of the buildings imaging, and waiting to see, Spider-Man swinging. My old sketchbooks and drawings in the backs of notebooks are FILLED with Spider-Man! I love drawing him. I find it ironic now that for the very reasons I loved drawing him as a kid is what bothers me now as an adult. The simplicity of him makes it easy. Once you figure out how the web pattern works, it's just a naked figure with no facial features to worry about. No nose, eyes, mouth, ears, etc. I see now that it was a stroke of genius when he was designed for an artist who had to crank out those comic pages back in the early sixties. Well done Mr. Ditko (and Mr. Kirby!)!! But for a painter who looks for all the nuances in facial features, he is harder to nail down for that very lack of detail. I admit that I really struggled getting this one done. I actually thought I had it finished a while ago only to scrap it and start over again. I am happier with it now but to be totally honest, I would not be surprised if you see another Spider-Man picture from me very soon.

As I was writing this post, it occurred to me that in the drawer right next to me is one such notebook that I mentioned. So I thought I would dig it out and scan some of the drawings in it and share. You can see the dates on most of them and are from 1983-1984. I did most of these BEFORE Spider-Man had his black costume and obviously, years before Miles Morales came along.



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