New York Bound!

No. I am not relocating back to the north east. I recently got word that I was accepted to be part of New York Comic Con's Artist Alley. Well, technically I was on the waiting list and a spot opened for me but I made it none the less! I am thrilled. Being from that area, I attended the New York shows a lot growing up. I have vivid memories of going with friends, being dropped off right in the city, riding the ferry in, and once even braving a snow storm by my own car to get there. I bought stuff, I saw panels and slide shows, saw Colin Baker as the Doctor for the first time at one!!! I not only met comic legends like John Byrne and Jack Kirby but I even got my first real artist critique from these shows. They were much smaller by today's extravaganzas. Most of the ones I went to were still held in hotels! Times have changed as has the industry but I don't know if it has been for the better or worse for the wear, but it has changed. I guess I am sounding like an old man now! "In my day......".

I guess I am excited because at some level I see it as a form of validation for myself with my artistic pursuits that started with super heroes and TV and movie characters and continue unabated to this very day. I am, of course, speculating right now as the show is in October and for all I know, I am going to not sell a single print and come home devastated. It could happen!! I hope not. But I know that my mother, who always encouraged me to keep drawing and never complained that I drew Superman and Spider-Man over and over again, is looking down and is proud that I even got this far.


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