12th Doctor. 'Toon Style!

It's been a while now since I have drawn in my "toon style" look but I knew that it was inevitable that I would again as I enjoy it so much even if it is more work than people think it is. Oddly enough, the realistic paintings are MUCH easier and faster to do. The reason is that I know ahead of time what they are supposed to look like. Simple as that. There is no designing phase and endless trial and error in my sketchbook about the shape of the head or the nose. But what I do love about the cartoon versions is the complete freedom it gives me. I am not bound by my reference! The other reason that it was inevitable to do this was that I just had to update my Doctor Who picture that features all the actors in the role (well, all except Peter Cushing and John Hurt). The drawings leading up to the final are scattered among many pages in my sketchbook and you may be able to spot a few here and there from my Facebook posts. Straight up, I am far too lazy to hunt them all down and re-scan and post them here. But I am posting the working drawings as well as the final so you really do get the "meat and potatoes" of this one!

Ok. ONE early sketchbook doodle!

Digital sketch and color.

Final Pencil.

Digital Inking.

Flat Colors.

Final Art.



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