Friday, January 23, 2015

Man of Steel!

Yeah, I know. I have ranted several times on my feelings for the latest Superman movie as well as his "costume". But to fair, I do think that Henry Cavil is a good choice for the role. And it's not like I didn't give the movie a chance. I have actually watched it about 4-5 times really hoping that it would grow on me! So when I was tooling around with textures and brushes, I turned to his version of Superman. I think this came out better than I ever expected considering it is all digital. I hope to do another "test" like this again in the near future. And yes, I did avoid drawing his non-red shorts on purpose!


Monday, January 12, 2015

The Batusi!

So the Batman TV show from the 1960's is finally on DVD and people are once again embracing the campy version of the caped crusader. Maybe people needed a bit of relief from all the dark and gloomy superheroes that are just about everywhere these days. I have to admit that I am included. I grew up watching the re-runs of Batman like many kids my age, but I was also thrilled when the camp was abandoned and Tim Burton's Batman was thrust among us. I still love that movie as well but over time I have come back around the enjoying Adam West and company.

So one of the most iconic moments of that show is when Batman engages us all with a dance. You know the one.


Monday, January 5, 2015

The Hobbit!

So The Hobbit trilogy is now all done as well. My family all went to see it on New Year's Day as it was sort of a tradition that my wife and I accidentally started way back with the first Lord of the Rings movie! We loved it but to be fair, I have always preferred the story of The Hobbit to Lord of the Rings anyway. I like Bilbo! There! I said it! Well, it of course inspired me some to work on some Hobbit things but alas, I had a full plate already. But there is always time for "productive procrastination"!! I remembered the Bilbo experiment from December 2013 ( you can see it here. )and thought to just re-work that a bit as it should go fairly quickly and I liked the piece enough to have it warrant a second go! It deserved it in fact!! So that is what I did!