Star Wars!

I have not made a lot of Star Wars art.....that you know of. Truth of the matter is I have done so much of it that I shy away from doing more on my own. Of course I am being vague and cryptic on purpose because I cannot share any of the "other" Star Wars work. But maybe one day I will be allowed. I hope so. So with that being said, I have created another straight up Star Wars picture. I didn't actually set out to do it but was asked and I guess the timing was right and something was in the wind because I said "yes" and I did it. I know that a big mental obstacle for me in doing this is that the obvious Drew Struzan comments and comparisons are even stronger when I do a Star Wars or Indiana Jones picture and as much as I admire Struzan and his work, I also hope people really see him as an influence and that my work is not a complete copy of his method. So now you have taken a peek at my neurotic underbelly of thought, I can show you my Star Wars picture. I was quite pleased with the final piece. Kept it simple.



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