It's Chewie!

Here is a pic I did last month just to have something to post on Facebook for May 4th. If you don't get that reference, than there is really no need to continue with any Star Wars related content. Now here is an occasion where I went ahead and posted something that I didn't particularly like when it was all said and done. Why did I not like it? Did I not give it my all? Well, sort of. I did give it my all but it was also just a bit of fun and a test to see how fast, or how much I could rush in making a picture. I usually average about four hours per portrait. Not very fast by any means. This whole pic may have taken me an hour at most. So while I don't really like it when it is stood up against my other work, I do appreciate it for what it is. And if someone out there likes it, then that is all that is necessary as well since that is really the goal.



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