Thursday, July 30, 2015

War Doctor and Twelve!

I have not worked much in my "'toon" style in the past year or so but I got an interesting commission not too long ago. I know of at least two people that have had my 11 Doctors tattooed on them and were asking for updates. Seemed like a fun idea so I was willing to oblige. Sorry it took so long but I am glad I finally got around to it. It was fun to do and it was like riding a bicycle.


Here are some other sketches and such of these two. One. Whatever!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I have been in love with Ant-Man for longer than I care to admit. I must have been about ten when I randomly picked up a comic off the rack and fell in love with it! I had no idea at the time that I was witnessing the birth of the second Ant-Man. I probably should have actually read the comic but it was so pretty to look at! John Byrne and Bob Layton and it still looks slick and gorgeous today! I still have that very same comic today. Sure it's all dog eared and stained with time (nope, I failed to bag it) and I was finally able to track down the second issue several years ago. See how enamored I was, I didn't even know how the story ended for at least seven to ten years!!

So Ant-Man is a big deal now and actually has a major motion picture devoted to him and it loosely based on that very story I read over and over again for all these years. I feel vindicated! So of course I had to sit down and draw the new look version of the hero. I actually still find myself drawing the old version in my sketchbook quite often. I must admit that I find it extremely ironic that one of the most simple designs for a superhero costume has become one of the most complex ones to draw if you are drawing the movie version! It was fun anyway. Go see Ant-Man! It's not as dumb as it sounds.


Here are a smattering of Ant-Man doodles from my sketchbook as well.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Fastest Man Alive!

This one has been a long time coming. I have been a fan of this show since day one! Even before actually since I was breathlessly awaiting for it to premiere. I had even been a fan of the early 1990's version of the show and still have a few episodes on VHS (the pilot and the Trickster episodes if you were curious)!! My family sits down to watch every episode together and I am thrilled that they didn't go all dark and gritty for the title hero in this one. How refreshing that the hero is actually a good guy even without his powers!

I am not going to say that creating this one was easy in any way. I felt that it was a real struggle as I had many false starts and then kept getting dissatisfied and started again. My wife Mindy really kept after me to get this one done and so much credit must go to her for making me sit down and figure it out. Even so, I did totally re-work the piece one last time when I was half done. I know it looks simple in the final version, but sometimes you have to really struggle with simplicity.

The Flash!