Rogue One

Like many of you I am a big fan of Star Wars and Rogue One was no exception. I actually liked it more than Force Awakens! I knew at some point I would create a picture but was not expecting the way it happened. It kind of happened without me knowing it. You see, I usually sketch thumbnail drawings and such until an idea hits me, this one happened differently. I was casually looking at possible reference photos and clipping them from the web and then just started "frankensteining" them together in my iPhone app (ArtStudio) when I had a few minutes to kill here and there. Then when I thought I had something, I just began drawing and painting thinking all that while that this was just a "warm up". I was actually quite surprised when I realized that I had something a bit more. I then transferred the file to my desktop and added more to the composition and pushed it a bit further. I was happy with the results especially since I was coming out of quite an artistic funk when it started. 



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