Saturday, July 29, 2017

More Comic in Progress!

Here is an early costume and color test. I love the idea that I can keep changing his sparkling outfit.

This was an early color test. Characters are close but not there yet. This was also a pretty tough choice for me.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Making a comic!

So here it is. I'm working on my own comic book. I've had this kicking around in my head for several years and everyone that I told seemed to be encouraging to me to do it. So I'm finally doing it. Just focusing on the initial six pages right now and we will see how public reaction is. It's much more work than I originally anticipated. Because even tho I have been reading comics for many decades, doesn't mean I have much thought into some of the facets of production. I always knew there was type and word balloons but the proper placement was never a thought. Stuff like that.

Anyway, here is my premise: The biggest rock and roll star is drafted in 1958 and attacked by a vampire while in Europe. After years of fighting off the effects he fakes his death when he can't hide it any longer but continues his crusade of fighting the undead.

I hope you like what I am doing and how I want to do it. I actually want it to look like a comic from when I was a kid (yeah, the 1970's) but with more of my "cartoon" look that some of you may remember. So we will see how that goes. If you don't like this, don't worry. I'm not giving up my fan art. Got some fun stuff in the hopper with that as well.


The King has gone thru. The one corner has the original sketch done (yup, pretty awful) down to pretty much what I am going with.