Con Art!

I have had several discussions between myself and peers about why I don't draw at conventions so I thought I would expand here as it's slightly complicated. I shy from commissions during the convention because the expectation is that the customer will get something resembling my painted prints and that is simply not doable in the time allotted for a commission. My portraits take up to four hours to do. But I do draw at conventions. Usually in my sketchbook and I have been known to do a quick sketch in a book or such for people but honestly I'm not even asked very often. I'd be inclined to honor a request if it was a Superman drawing but not a Henry Cavil portrait. Make sense? Anyway, here is a sketch I did at C2E2 with sharpie on an old comic backing board. Has to be an old one, the new ones are too slick. I then digitally retro colored it. Enjoy.


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