Clash of the Titans!

This one needs to be under a header of "I should have posted this a long time ago!" In fact, there will be many a post like this as I have been very forgetful about posting here as I post on the other social medias. Part of that stems from the fact that I don't think many people are still reading blogs, but since my "web address" leads here, I need to keep it current unless I can come up with a better alternative. But I digress. Here is a "classic" movie that I loved as a kid and have not seen in years. My wife and I watched the remake of it but I didn't really care for it much. I did this on my phone bit by bit over a period of time. One of those things that you keep on hand just in case you get really bored as your wife is shopping for shoes or something like that. Once I started posting parts of it I immediately got feedback that I HAD to include the robot owl. So I did.

Here is Clash of the Titans. Enjoy!


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