Dragon's Lair!

I loved this game as a kid. Well, I didn't love playing it to be honest. It was slow, clunky and was double the price of any other video game at .50 cents! Sure you got 5 lives but it didn't really last any longer. For me anyway. I much preferred to get a good vantage spot to watch someone who was good at playing it! That way I could watch the animation. I always wondered why you couldn't put money in and just watch the cartoon. That should have been an option!

So there have been rumors and false starts about a Dragon's Lair movie for literally years. We just got another snippet of news recently that Netflix is making not an animated movie, but live action. I was not thrilled to hear this. I would much prefer a hand drawn, animated movie. The good news was that they want Ryan Reynolds to play the hero, Dirk. I kinda like that idea.

So obviously that was enough to set me off and drawing (what else can I really do, as I am writing this we are still in quarantine for the Covid-19 virus). I pretty much did it all on my Ipad with Medibang Paint. I like how it came out. Wondering if I should expand on this and make a full poster.


As a bonus, here are some work in progress shots of Dirk.


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