Retro Flash Gordon!

I actually penciled this drawing by hand with the full intention of inking traditionally and such. I must have chickened out. I did have it printed a few times to practice inking and painting it by hand but I never got any results that I really liked. Was pretty frustrating actually. So I still had the drawing laying around and it was already scanned in, so one night while sitting down with my wife to watch TV, I decided to noodle away on it digitally on my iPad. And I just kept going. Little by little. Literally sometimes I would only make one mark and then close the app. Sat in my files for what seemed like forever. Then when I thought I was actually done, I decided to play with the zip tones. So when I was finally "done" I had, what I think, looks like an old b/w magazine comic illustration. I kinda like it.



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