The Great Mouse Detective!

I'm a big fan of The Great Mouse Detective! I was in high school when it came out and was not very cool to still like Disney movies back then so I had my mom drop me off at the theater as she went shopping nearby so I could see it. Must have been strange for all those moms and dads with little kids to see this teenager all by himself to see an animated movie.  I did that several times actually in those awkward times. I loved it. Skip ahead more than a few years and I find myself on an internship at Walt Disney World and lo and behold, others loved these movies as well. In fact, my first day at the Disney-MGM Studios was a personal tour as that was where I was to work, and I got to see the Magic of Disney Animation and my two favorite Disney movies got quite a bit of screen time. Peter Pan and The Great Mouse Detective! Back in the day, Disney would screen movies in the park theaters after closing for cast members from time to time. That's actually where I got to see Song of the South and a re-watch of The Great Mouse Detective!! Skip ahead a few more years and I am now still working at Disney and desperately trying to move up in the art department while working my way thru art school making custom Disney watches at Disney. Occasionally we could submit ideas for a watch and I once made a pitch for GMD. I re-worked my drawing several times and it went nowhere.

So now here we are in the midst of a pandemic and I am streaming the heck out of Disney+ while I noodle away on my iPad. I must have watched GMD four or five times in the past month or so. It was bound to happen that I would start drawing these guys again. I decided to go all out and design a poster. I took inspiration from a few old Sherlock Holmes movie posters and got all my reference and went to work. I also decided to push a bit and do some in vector form as I was already going to have to re-create some type. When it was all said and done, I had a piece I was quite proud of!


Here are some shots of the work while it was in progress. And I also cobbled together a shot showing the vector paths and the raster paint. Fun!


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