The Great Pumpkin!

Way back when I was in first grade, I won my first art contest. It was Halloween season and “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” was on the night before. The contest was to draw the Great Pumpkin as you imagined him as you never see him in the cartoon. I thought he would be well dressed in a tuxedo, complete with a top hat and ruffles! I thought of this while I was working at the Halloween shop and truth be told, when it was dead (pun intended) in the shop, I would doodle in a small sketchbook I keep in my apron. I decided to re-explore my vision. Here it is! My finished, re-visited piece of “The Great Pumpkin”. I was pretty pleased with the final result. Sure, there are unintentional bits of The Joker in there but there is also a very intentional homage to Tim Burton. Hope you like it

Here is the original drawing and the sketch done more recently.

This is after I ported it to my iPad and colored it pretty quick and loose. Decided to skip the ruffles and add a wide stripe.


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