Friday, February 26, 2021

Painted Superman!

I was SO anxious to actually use paint again that I just dove in with what I had. Unfortunately I had no paint medium so my paint got a bit "sticky" but I persisted and was pretty pleased with my rust shaking effort. I obviously had to paint a Christopher Reeve Superman. I am sure I will again when I am feeling more confident in my painting abilities. It's 11x14 oil on paper.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Indiana Jones in my Garage!

My New Year's Resolution was to "paint more". While this was initially meant to be just oil painting but I have embraced a wider scope of traditional media. As my wife had to move into my studio/office in the house to work, I have been slowly clearing out and setting up a new space in the nook in our garage to set up my easel. I'm very excited and actually could not wait to finish setting up to actually start experimenting. We do have plans to keep it cool once summer hits in case you were wondering. Fingers crossed this goes well. First up is an Indiana Jones piece. Pencil drawing on 11x14 watercolor paper, Payne's Gray rolled over with Matte Medium and colored pencil. This is the same process used on the Frankenstein Monster drawing but obviously much larger. I am also very thankful that this piece also sold very quickly!

Here is the drawing on the board just after the medium was rolled over it.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Tiny Frankenstein Monster!

So Otronicon is in the books for 2021! I was very skeptical about how I would fare at the event as it was my first event since the pandemic and I will admit, Friday was rough and it didn't look good. Saturday and Sunday tho showed steady traffic and I actually did well (and better than what my wife expected). I felt safe the whole time as the staff were diligent with all safety protocols. So during the down time on Friday and while on a break from working on my iPad, I decided to draw Frankenstein's Monster as I think I saw someone post about it being it's anniversary or some such. I figured this would be a good way to test a technique I saw C.F Payne use in his sketchbooks. I think he works much larger than me tho. In a nutshell, the drawing is rolled over with ultra matte medium with a bit of Payne's Gray and then all the lights are pulled out with colored pencils. Thoughts?

Here is the original drawing in the sketchbook before the medium was rolled over it. You can also see the relative size too.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Retro Rocketeer!

Giving this flat, retro look another spin. Started off just doing some doodles in front of the television and one thing lead to another as it does. Thought I would focus on Jenny in my retro pic. Originally I had drawn a cross between the two different Rocketeers but I settled on the movie version as the last picture I made was the comic version. Plus, I added some "depth" to the pic making it look a bit like a paper-cut out. Not sure if it is noticeable enough but was fun to try.


Here are the original doodles, sketch and line art as well!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Superman '86 Homage!

Back in 1986, DC Comics stunned the comic book world by hiring John Byrne, one of, if not, the biggest names in comics at the time, to revamp Superman for the modern era. I, for one, loved it!! To this day it's still my favorite comic book Superman! Byrne is pretty much retired now but he has been literally making his own X-Men (his most famous title) comics on his website as fan fiction and picking up where he left the series back in 1981. Fans have been actively adding their own inks and colors to the penciled pages he posts as well. I didn't want to do a whole page so instead I found an old sketch he did of Superman way back in '86 and decided that I would try my hand at finishing that instead. It's a pretty rough drawing too. My inks and colors were done digitally on Medibang Paint and ArtStudioPro so basically the whole thing was done on my iPad. I am pretty pleased with the results.


I've also added here the original sketch done by Mr. Byrne.