Superman '86 Homage!

Back in 1986, DC Comics stunned the comic book world by hiring John Byrne, one of, if not, the biggest names in comics at the time, to revamp Superman for the modern era. I, for one, loved it!! To this day it's still my favorite comic book Superman! Byrne is pretty much retired now but he has been literally making his own X-Men (his most famous title) comics on his website as fan fiction and picking up where he left the series back in 1981. Fans have been actively adding their own inks and colors to the penciled pages he posts as well. I didn't want to do a whole page so instead I found an old sketch he did of Superman way back in '86 and decided that I would try my hand at finishing that instead. It's a pretty rough drawing too. My inks and colors were done digitally on Medibang Paint and ArtStudioPro so basically the whole thing was done on my iPad. I am pretty pleased with the results.


I've also added here the original sketch done by Mr. Byrne.


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