Superman :The Light

 Well over a year ago, maybe even longer, I felt I had a bit of inspiration for a new Superman piece. I started the normal process of sketching thumbnails and looking/gathering reference and putting them in place and then I hit the proverbial wall. I kept noodling at it and tried to tell myself that it will all come together when I actually painted it, but I was simply fooling myself. It wasn't working and I forced myself to put it aside. I glanced at it every now and again to see it would catch a spark but no such luck. Then it happened. Without even looking at it or having a copy of the rough with me, it just came to me like a bolt out of the blue. My family were down in Bradenton, Florida for a week and it just hit me. I started sketching what I could remember on my iPad and then when we got home I dug out the old file and merged them to see what I had. I liked it. So I began in earnest as I do when I am captive in my car for several hours while my son rehearses with the youth orchestra and all the pieces fell right into place. So glad this was not a deadline driven piece!!

So here it is. Enjoy!


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