Cary Grant!

 So the third entry into my mixed media experimentation is Cary Grant. I started this one with the high contrast black and white drawing using Crayola crayon and some black Prismacolor for the tighter details. Then rolled over it with Payne's Gray tinted ultra matte medium. I lightly sanded the rough edges and then added my lights by painting in with gesso. I really liked the process to this point. I debated to add some black toothbrush splatter but either forgot or opted against it for this one. I then sprayed watercolors over it all (except where it was taped off, obviously.) and then added some color pencils. The layers of paint got more "waxy" than I anticipated and I probably should have taken more time with the airbrushing and maybe put another layer of the matte medium or workable fix before starting the pencil stage. Thoughts for another day.

Here is Cary Grant.

And here is the initial drawing as well as the greyscale versions.


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