The King's Letters!

 ...or, the spot illustration for the letters page. Do they still have letters pages in comics?? When I was a kid I actually read them all. I've even gone back and re-read them as sometimes you can find letters written by future comics pros themselves. I wrote many letters back in the day but sadly, none were ever printed. Tried to win a No-Prize from Marvel a time or two as well. I actually remember putting the pieces from several different comics to deduce that Magneto was the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's father. Yes, there was a time when that was not known! But I digress. Back to the letters page. I am putting one in my comic and so I needed a header. At first I was quite content in using an already drawn piece and just incorporating it in. Then that became "I'll just redraw parts" to make it work better. So of course I wound up just starting from scratch and drawing a whole picture. It was worth it. Was a fun drawing and was even relaxing. I like how it came out.


Here is the pencil sketch and the clean inked version as well.


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