Fighting American!

I've been listing to Rob Liefeld's podcast a lot lately. I've never really been a big fan of his work but we are about the same age and we grew up loving the exact same comics, so hear him talk about all the same characters and storylines that are still on my shelf and long boxes is pretty cool. I just heard him speak of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's other patriotic super-hero, Fighting American! And he even referenced the same hard cover collection that introduced me to the character back in the 80's. So, of course I had to take it down and begin re-reading it after all these years. Love it!!! So I was more than a bit inspired to draw the character myself. I did streamline the costume a bit and thought the mask would work better as a helmet like Chris Evans Captain America costume, not that you can really tell in the angle of my pose, and I added a flagpole as a weapon opposed to Cap's shield. And I drew this on real paper with real ink and watercolors too! 



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