Fleisher Studios Superman!!

 I've loved the Fleisher Studios Superman for many years now! I first read about them when I was little but had never seen them as a kid. I thought he looked odd at first as I was only used to the modern red and yellow S on his chest and not the black version. As a young adult I found them on a VHS collection and immediately fell in love with all of them. They had fallen into public domain and cheap transfers were all you could get so what I was seeing was not even decent quality. As the years passed, I would see new collections boasting better picture and I would almost always get the "upgrade". I can't even tell you how many versions I had over the years! I think I still have one DVD collection in the house but even those pale in comparison to the beautiful versions that the now defunct DC Universe streaming platform had! As I write this tho, they can be viewed in high definition on YouTube so if you have not seen these, go check them out!!

I have been toying with the idea of a Fleisher Superman for a very long time. I don't know what finally did it, but I literally just sat down one night, turned on the TV and started drawing. I am pretty pleased with my results!


Here is a shot of the pencil sketch.


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