Kanan Trio!

 Ever since Star Wars Rebels came out I have been a fan of Kanan Jarrus. The whole concept of a "cowboy" Jedi seemed pretty cool to me. And while I appreciate his entire story arc, I would have been ok if they shortened the span of the "contemplative, meditating Kanan" and shown more of the "gunfighter" he was made out to be. Of course there are opportunities to tell many more stories that fit into his timeline so I always keep an open eye to what happens.

This was originally made as a submission for Star Wars Celebration 2022. One of two actually. More on the other one on a different post. I chose Kanan as my subject as I figured not many others would and it would stand out a bit more. I had submitted Obi Wan the previous year so I didn't want to repeat myself and with the new Obi Wan series coming soon to Disney+, I figured there were bound to be several. So i went with my second favorite Jedi instead. Unfortunately my submissions was rejected which is why I am sharing it with you all here and now. I do look forward to see what was picked. 



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