Spider-Man and the Green Goblin!!

I had this sketch of Spider-Man and one of the Green Goblin in an old sketchbook from years ago that I always saw potential in. Recently I dug it out and started to noodle away on it bit by bit. Literally maybe a few lines a night (if that). Months go by with me continuing to put it away and then pick it back up. It's all on my iPad so it's at my fingertips. The initial sketches were thrown together and the touched up one done almost 10 years later. I then inked and colored the drawing. Turns out I was glad that I colored it!! The only thing was that I could not decide if I liked it on white or black. Then I noticed that it did not fit into my regular print dimensions so I added the Daily Bugle dressing.

Here is the inked version:

And here are the initial drawings:


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