The 13th Doctor!

Ok. To say that the 13th Doctor is a polarizing figure in Doctor Who fandom may be an understatement. I have actually had people ask me for her to be included (as I get with all the other Doctors) and had people begging me to NOT draw her. I will be clear. I am not a fan of her interpretation of The Doctor. In fact I find her stories to be pretty bad as a whole and my enthusiasm for the show has waned in the time since she took over the lead. I am hoping that the next Doctor restores my joy for the program. To that end, I came to the conclusion that I had to have her at the ready to include if I choose to continue with 14. What I do with this in the meantime, I don’t know. I have a few options and going to sit back and be patient until the time is right. Otherwise, this was actually fun to draw.

Here is the pencil sketch.


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