Strange New Worlds!

 I previously wrote that not only am I a big Star Trek fan, but that Captain Pike has been my favorite character since first seeing him in the two part episode that was cut from the unused pilot. So naturally I was thrilled that he was FINALLY getting his own show! I have previously posted a few pics of him and his crew but I figured it was time to do a new one based on the actual show. So I set about to design it and I even found an old Star Trek piece of art to use as my inspiration. I started gathering all my reference and even started work. And then stopped. Then started again. And stopped again. I was stuck in a rut. I felt like working on the picture was like a visit to the dentist. I just didn't want to do it. Sometimes this happens because I get distracted and want to work on a different picture so I figure I will just come back to it, but this was not the case. I didn't want to make ANY pictures. I was burnt out. So it sat. After some time, I felt the itch to do things again but unfortunately this was not it. I did open the files and saw that I did have enough done to use and it actually looked better than I remembered it. I am actually quite pleased with the outcome and maybe it was right for me to stop when I did. Originally it was going to be a very complex piece with all the cast members but I only had the main three done and the backdrop. Truth be told, I like this version better than what I had planned! I hope you like it too.



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