The Animated Lone Ranger Poster!!

One of the last Ranger posts I did (not here but on social media) was an animated style poster. I was never really ok with it. They were doodles really and I had larger plans. I might even say that I "phoned it in". My apologies. So I decided to go big with it. I was going to go all out and push myself! I wanted to really design the characters and do an entire poster as if it was hanging in a theater for a fully animated movie!! Working on my iPad I am able to keep working the pose that I selected and add layer on layer and push the drawing around. Much faster than re-drawing it every time. The six shooters I got from Sketchup and was able to patch the drawing and splice them in. Such a timesaver and they look much better than me drawing them. The part that actually gave me the most trepidation was the background art. Drawing landscapes is usually not my thing but I do it. Since I was going "fully animated" here, I did quite a lot of research on backgrounds and styles and found one that I thought would not only work the best but turned out to be really fun to do as well! Then, when I thought I was headed to the finish, I got the crazy idea to add more characters. I tried to talk myself out of it but it was no use. It was the way to go, so back to the sketchbook. I mean, every hero needs a villain so drawing an evil cowboy just seemed like fun anyway. The other character I added would obviously be the female in the story. She is not based on any actual character from Lone Ranger lore so she is really an amalgamation of my own concoction. I call her Penelope Red if you must know and figured she's be the "saloon girl" with the heart of gold. I had already made a clean, vector version of the old Lone Ranger comic book logo so I was able to grab that and put it in too. I am SO thrilled how this came out! Here is my finished Lone Ranger Animated movie poster and a detail shot to boot. I thought it fun that I could do things in the poster that would more than likely not be allowed today with the guns and gunfire, the busty saloon girl and the villain is not only smoking, but blowing a smoke ring!


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