Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Digital Art!

A bit of a rant.
I never intended to become a digital artist. In fact, I hesitate to even label myself as one, as it is still seen by some as a "shortcut" or "easy way out." The notion that using digital tools diminishes the altruistic nature of art is outdated and narrow-minded. It is simply a different medium for artists, just like a pencil and paper differ from oil on canvas. What truly matters is the act of creating, the mark making, rather than the method used. Drawing and painting digitally can be just as challenging and intricate as traditional methods, and it is certainly not a matter of following a predetermined formula or “paint by numbers”. Embracing digital art opens up a world of endless possibilities and eliminates the limitations that may scare some away. There is no excuse for producing anything less than our best, as we no longer have any excuses. As long as there is a hand holding a tool, there is an artist. 

Digital art is undeniably real art. 


I didn’t set out to be a digital artist, I set out to be an artist. 

And I am.

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