Saturday, September 9, 2023

Maureen's Superman!

34 years ago, Maureen was about to begin her career as a schoolteacher in northern New Jersey. She was understandably nervous. She asked me to draw a HUGE Superman drawing to hang on her door. I did. That drawing has been hanging there for 33 years even making the move to Vermont to where she still is. I have teased her about burning that drawing for ages. She said she would if I drew her a new one to replace it. Well, Maureen doesn't have her own door anymore as she began a new job with the school and had no room for it. I took the opportunity to re-draw the same Superman by hand using the same reference as the first one even. I and drew it and framed it (8x10 so she can squeeze it in her room somewhere). So, Superman is set to continue flying for Maureen and to always remind her that "she's gonna be fine". 
I scanned it and touched it up just a bit and then added some digital color to it. The original reference was done by John Byrne for the back of the original trade paperback of Man of Steel in case you were wondering.

Love you Mo!


Here are the work in progress pics.

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