Vworp Vworp Game Board

So I thought I would give a peek at what I did for the second issue of Vworp Vworp. I actually did it twice due a bit of miscommunication. It happens. There was no malice or anger involved it was just one of those things. I was just really happy to be thought of to work on the project.

So here is the board as it will appear in the magazine. Mostly. Some type and fonts may have been changed but otherwise here it is.

While I have not seen the other boards to the game, I think four parts make up the entire game board, I did find this glimpse on the web.

Here is what I originally did. I have to admit to being totally unaware of what  a "Weatabix board" was. Probably because I grew up in New Jersey and not the UK.

And finally, here is a bonus. After getting the news that I would have to revise my initial design, I had a happy accident when the game play layers were turned off. I thought it made a decent desktop. Enjoy!

Get your copy of Vworp Vworp 2 HERE


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