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Connery. Sean Connery!

He was the original (sort of) and arguably the best of the Bonds. He was not my first Bond tho as I was weaned on Roger Moore. Once again I found myself experimenting on my iPad recently and working in Affinity Designer and trying to get a grasp on that app. Nothing about this piece tho was really about working in vector so now I am questioning why I used that particular program. For the uninitiated, Designer can work in both vector and raster formats. I should have incorporated my vector art into this but I did say I was experimenting.


Evel Knievel!!

I did a caricature of Evel several years ago when I was playing in a program called ArtRage! So here I am again playing in another new program to me called MediBang Paint. I thought a full-fledged, stars and stripes ode the the King of the Daredevils was due!. This was a fun piece and I really enjoyed reading about him and watching archival footage as I was working on this.



My friend Austin asked me to make a picture for his project that involves zombies. Sounded like fun so I did it! Was a fun side project.

Captain Action..........action!

I never owned one. Never read the comic but something about him is kinda fun to draw. I drew him years ago as a test to see if I could "airbrush" in vector but nothing really since. The  owners of the property recently had and art contest and thought it would be fun. I apparently mis-read or didn't understand the rules and thought part of it was a straight up drawing contest. It wasn't. I felt stupid. You would think that they would have explained it better in the email I received right after I submitted. Nope. Oh well. I kinda like how this turned out tho.