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Lost In Space!

Well it's done and I'm pretty happy with it. I feel like I am incorporating a bit more of my "comic-book" aspect to my work and this one seems to have a bit more polish to it and definitely not as gritty. They just recently announced a third and final season of the show and I for one am looking forward to it.

Lost In Space!


Also, here is the final composition without color so you can see all the "inking" I did for it.

More Lost in Space Progress!

It's a bit of a crazy time still as I sit and write this afternoon. We are in the midst of "social distancing" as it's being called. Basically it's quarantine. So with my convention sheduale being reworked as shows are being cancelled or postponed, I got some time to do a few more pics for when they start up again. But I also keep getting side-tracked and bouncing from picture to picture and then back again. Not a horrible thing actually as I am enjoying a multiple of styles and techniques.

So I finally made my way round to doing more for my Lost In Space picture based on the new Netflix series. In fact, they just recently announced that it will be renewed for a third and final season. Here's to hoping it ends on a high note!

So here are my pictures. Enjoy!

2020 Tour Update!

Not really a tour but I thought it was a good headline. So, as of this writing, we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. College sports have been shut down, MLB and NBA are postponed, the XFL has been canceled and it's hard to find toilet paper in the stores. Also, the large conventions that I have been tabling at have been postponed as well. Hopefully just postponed. I honestly don't know what to expect next but I hope it's good news. I have never experienced anything like this and it's a feeling of uncertainty that is very weird. Right now there seems to be people who are calling it a plague and others who insist that the media is blowing this all out of proportion. I was firmly in the latter camp but now I just don't know. I don't think my immediate family is in and mortal danger as we are not elderly or sickly and that gives me some comfort. I hope that a coming post is about this all being done and over with.

Be safe. Be kind. Wash your hands.

Hey. Di…

Lost in Space: Work in Progress!

So I've been plugging away bit by bit on a Lost in Space pic. You know I have fond memories of the original and I was eager, yet skeptical of the new series on Netflix. Turns out, I really enjoyed it! So relieved. Just waiting on an announcement of a season 3 now.

So here are my work in progress pieces of my picture in the making.