New Who

Just a quick post today. Here is something I did while still playing with what I learned from the Seegmiller book. It's not all "polished" and there is still a rough edge to it but I kinda liked it that way.


  1. This turned out really well, Jon. I do like how the bottom edge just fades out. The details in the face are really nice too. I'm even more curious about the book now. Is there a version for CS3 or does it really matter?

  2. Thanks Jay. There is a version for CS3 I just saw on Amazon. I don't know how much new info is in it yet but I will more than likely pick it up since I am using CS3 at work now. Alot of his book is theory and not actually how to use the program but he does show how to make a blending brush from the healing brush that is brilliant!! The version I have I actually got used at a really cheap price. He also has a version geared for Painter.


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