Ghost Hunters International!!

Avid readers will know that two members of SyFy's Ghost Hunters International were also present at the recent Hurricane Who show along with yours truly. You can read all about that here. So, long story short, Paul Bradford of said Ghost Hunters contacts me and asks if I would be interested in doing a picture for him and Scott Tepperman to use as they hit other shows and conventions! Nice! I acted all humble and low key while accepting the offer and then ran to tell my wife and proceeded to jump up and down with glee. I am so professional!!

This was actually a really fun pic to do even with the ASAP deadline and I think it turned out pretty good. Paul was really easy going and open to letting me just be me and had some fun with the picture. They even picked the thumbnail I liked better and you know how often that happens!! So here are some goodies to look over. I am posting both rough sketches they got to choose from and the final ink line before painting as well as the final. No video this time. Sorry, just didn't have the time to do one. I might be able to cobble one together in the future but I got another rush job cooking right now so I am back to the drawing board. Enjoy!!

You can, of course, follow Ghost Hunters International here on their SyFy page.


  1. if you ever get round to the time laps video, let me know. Thanks again Jon


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