New Stylus

Avid readers, and people that know me, know that I like to draw and paint on my phone and for years now have wished that it could totally replace my traditional sketchbook. I'm very lazy and carrying so much stuff is exhausting! I got pretty comfortable with working with my fingers and have done some decent landscape painting (with photo reference underneath ), but the drawing part has always been quite tedious as drawing with your finger and painting with one is very different for me. When I first got my phone all those years ago, I purchased two different styluses. Both were rubber tipped and both dragged across my screen and I had to press really hard and the drawings, as a result, sucked. I put them in a drawer and forgot about them. A few days ago, I got up to go for my morning walk and slipped when I went outside as it had rained and I didn't notice as it was dark. My rubber soled shoe slipped due to the moisture. I have no clue why it made me think of my rubber tipped stylus but it did. I had a thought. What if I could reduce the friction so the tip would not drag on the glass screen. This part is gross and I am hesitant to even tell it, but my idea was to lick my iPhone screen and then try the stylus. It worked. In fact in worked great!! But I didn't want to keep licking my screen to do this. So I began to do some research on styluses and artists that use them to see if someone else has figured out what to do or use. Turns out that there are quite a number of varieties out there now with all their own pros and cons. I read reviews and made a list of ones that I might want to try out but I really didn't want to spend a fortune doing it and I knew that I would have to wait for after the holidays to spend any money on these. Then yesterday, my wife, son and I went to the UPS store to mail off packages for Christmas. Right on the counter was one of those fish bowls filled with colorful styluses for $5. My son picked one up and showed me as he knew that I was reading about them. I initially dismissed them as they also had the black rubber tip. After being bored while waiting, I picked one up. Felt the same as one of the ones I already owned but the tip felt different. Hmmmm. I took out my phone, opened a paint app and tried it out. It glided so smoothly across the screen I could not believe it. I tried another one to make sure it was not a fluke. Same results. I picked one out that I liked and told my wife to pay for it as well as the shipping!! $5!!! I think my world just changed! I don't even know the brand! So as I had spare moments here and there as we were out and about and as I was laying in bed before retiring, I kept doodling with my new toy. I basically just worked over the drawings I still had on my phone from the licking experiments and I started using a new paint app called simply Art Studio. It's freakin' Photoshop on my phone!! You can paint and draw, re size things, select things, draw selections, change saturation, etc., etc.

Here are those doodles from licking my screen:

And here are the color versions: