Go, Go, Power Rangers. Part Two

So now that I have been thrown under the bus with the vote (just kidding!), I had to do my research to know what these guys look like. Turns out they are not all guys. At least one is a girl (Pink. Duh!), and it turns out another one may be a girl as well (Yellow). Now, I am sure there is an explanation out there, so feel free to let me know what it is, but if you look at clips of the original Japanese footage, Yellow sure looks like a guy. I think the American producers may have had a hand in changing the gender when the cast and spliced in the new footage. Call me crazy. I actually have come to appreciate the designs of the helmets of these guys (girls) as I really had to look for examples of them. About this time, someone suggested that the sketch of the poster could have a look of an old propaganda poster. I thought that was a good idea and thought it was also a good excuse to try a different look.

So here are my pencil drawings of the Power Rangers.


And of course, all the pics spliced together into the composition.